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Water-cooled brakes also know as WCB is when the brakes are air actuated and then it is cooled by a constant flow of water from a cooling system with an open or closed loop cooling system.The air tube design does not require any kind of special coating or treatments and it is corrosion resistant as well.

Young Heat Exchanger

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Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers: The Importance of Being Cool

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Control Overheating with Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers from K&L 金莎国际赌城Clutch and TransmissionOur industrial product distributor experts explain why machines need oil coolers and heat exchangers.

Texas is hot.So are many of the places where our parts and workers find themselves.Even in cool weather,cranes,tractors,front-end loaders,and all other large machines,expel a large amount of energy to do their jobs.If you remember much from grade-school science,or if you happened to study the subject in some sort of advanced degree,you know that heat is energy.All that energy makes those machines pretty hot.
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How Young Heat Exchangers Maintain Oil Pressure and Avoid Air Flow Resistance

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Mobile oil coolers need to be durable,rugged,flexible and reliable.With that in mind,our mission to supply Texas with its heat exchanger needs came down to one brand and one brand only.

Our line ofheat exchangers from Young Transmissiondo every job efficiently,and provide simple solutions to complex cooling problems.The mobile oil coolers come in eight standard sizes,each of which can be piped at installation in one or two pass oil flow arrangements,and boast performance ranges of 100 GMP oil flow and heat transfer capacities from 5,000 to 350,000 BTU per hour.

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